About Prints for People in Need

Given the current situation in Ukraine and the looming humanitarian crisis, we created a platform where artists from the fields of photography, painting and graphic design can sell their work.
All of the proceeds go to organisations that work to help refugees from Ukraine.

Who do we donate to

The profits go to the following organisations:
Doctors without borders
Care International

Everything is completely transparent. We publish and disclose the number of images sold and who we donate to.

Contributing artists

Aleks Stojanov

Ben Bernschneider

Benjamin Pichelmann

Chiara Zonca

David Breun

Felix Strosetzki

Janik Gensheimer

Jens Christian Wittig

Johannes Kuehn

Manuel Wagner

Matthew Jones

Matthias Capellmann

Maximilian Motel

Max vom Hofe

Paolo Barretta

Patrice Marker

Philipp Rupprecht

Sven Meschner

Tanja Weiss

Norman Konrad

Johanna Berghorn

Tomas Tulinius

Felix Eisenmeier

Frank Linders

Alexander Kaunas

Marcus Witte

Trevor Bernardo

Thomas Busson

Verena Issel

Timotheus Theisen

Cedric Bloch

Special Thanks:

Rainer Czarnetzki @Campra for the Logo Design

Dan Froude for helping us with the overall Layout and Creative Direction

John Mahoney for the copy